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This blog has been keeping track of my adventures since 2004. The stories and the adventures have come from my college dorm room to Uganda, Peace Corps Kyrgyzstan, learning Dutch in the Netherlands to living in the wilds of Homer, Alaska. I went back to school in Amsterdam to study Theaterwetenschap (Theatre Science) at University of Amsterdam. And now my adventures as a Fruit Fly, a Sexy Unicorn, and creating a movement with Team Sparkle in Chicago.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

last memories of Uganda!

As Steven Put it: “Uganda is a country of Randomness!”

In Uganda I found out why the NILE is SPECIAL…

I have learned that if I know a series of grunts, well more sounds actually, and can use an eyebrow raise properly; I can have an entire conversation without ever uttering a word.

I still can’t believe Alia outweighs Farhan. A 122 pound girl shouldn’t have to worry about that!

Echo GET THE BOX!!!!!!!!

If you are in Uganda long enough, being stared at will stop making you feel uncomfortable.

When Ann, Kanayo and I got dropped off about 5 miles from where we were supposed to be it actually wasn’t so bad. On our hike back we saw monkeys everywhere in the trees. Towards the end it was pretty much old hat to go, “Oh there’s another one!”

Logic Problems

“He tries to get out and we draaaag him BACK IN!”

I know now that when you are taking a long bus ride it is only logical to bring your LIVE chicken on with you.

The Cruchy conspiracy theory.

Going away parties….. Especially when the people who the party is for decide not to show up….. tsk… tsk…. Farhan and Alia.

“LOOOOVVVEEE, I am the WINNA!!!” “No! Goodbye lossa!”

The Grace Face:

-Step 1: Look completely miserable
-Step 2: Bite the center of your front lip and crinkle your nose
-Step 3: Continue to look completely miserable.

An Air Force Major and a Mexican attempting to sing Tom Jones’s What’s new Pussy Cat.

Boda Bodas: “Sabo why are you putting ON your helmet?!!!!”

Of course Honey in a Fanta bottle is an antiseptic. Having an infection in my toes so bad I can barely walk and they give me honey!

Flavia’s red Sweater

Farhan’s Mansion. Grrrrrr. Had to hear about it and it’s Ice Cream and oh dare I say it…. HOT SHOWERS!!!

Daydreaming about HOT SHOWERS!!!!

Carol’s First Day teaching:
“Rule 1 speak in English. NO! Scratch that! Rule 1 NO BEATING each other while I’m around. Rule 2 Speak in English when I am the teacher. WAIT!!!!! Apply rule 1 even when I’m not around.

LOOK!!!! NO HANDS!!!!!

The affect the office had and how it made the Revolutionaries. First Revolutionaries run away, the Second Revolutionaries make us sit in boring meetings.

“SERIOUSLY guys! PROPER HOSTEL etiquette!”

Herd of cattle taking up one side of a 4 lane divided highway.


Celine is God!!!
-Kenny Rogers isn’t bad too.

I’m always getting in fights with the P.6 reader: “A WHALE IS NOT A FISH!!!!! IT IS A MAMMAL! GRRRRRRRR! Wait, Do you guys know what a mammal is?”


THE Igloo!
“Oh, Canada”
Daily Cup

I’m an American. I hate showers, and I only wipe down with a napkin.

Grace & Carol Naps.
Since when does it ran longer than a half hour here?
Ø “Shut up Farhan you’re not funny….” “Carol GET UP!” *Blink* *Blink* GLARE “I hate you Inigo. GO AWAY!!!” –Roll over than fall back asleep- *Wake up* “Did I just talk to Inigo?!”

Laying along Lake Buyonyi with Mary a man comes down and lays on the sun bed next to Mary and I. He keeps moving around then says, “I sleep around.”
-Mary and Carol’s faces do not look amused.


He is the kind of guy who doesn’t have problems because he doesn’t want to have problems.

The way children in Uganda get so excited over being given a book. My mother always wanted that kind of reaction out of her children.

Yeah….. Not so Much.

That bloody turn around outside the Garden City.

I developed a fear of worms I never had at home. They can be anywhere: the water, fruit, your stomach, urinary tract, small intestine, your toes, SWEET TARTS!!!!

Chivalry was invented in MEXICO!!!!

Ugandan time.

Jonathyn with a Y!!!!
For I am Inigo!

Problem Free Furropherry.

ON our crazy ride out to our came site at Lake Buyonyi our driver felt the need to point out that Lake Buyonyi is the deepest lake in Uganda. This was seriously a scary ride up some steep cliffs. My only reaction to him telling us that it was the deepest lake was, “OH good. DEEPEST. LAKE. IN. UGANDA! NO ONE WILL FIND THE CAR!!!!!!!” Then I hugged Grace even tighter.

The Bad Place!

The Lesbian Hooker Kidnapped ECHO!!!!

Rhoda’s Laugh
Brian’s Dancing(Three year old dancing is the best!)
Boris’s hat and comb&mirror
Nurse Ann’s Eternal optimism, “Oh, this is just soooo great!” It was always greatly appreciated.

James, his knife and his food. Oh and you can’t forget the hat!

I should have known better. In order to teach ultimate Frisbee, you should first teach them to throw a Frisbee first.

I have had Meat on a stick shoved into the window of my bus and thought, “Why not?!”

Sometimes watching the crazy people on Oprah can just make your day.

It’s Hokey Pokey! Not Hokey Kokey! Too many British volunteers running around corrupting kids in Africa with their Hokey Kokey!

Jigga Worms.

The Runaways!

Vitamins, Margarine, Aluminum, and Garage. If you are British you are reading each of these words wrong!
-Don’t worry I’m just having a Giraffe.

So a Rich Mexican, a Japanese Girl from Chicago, a Simile Shiite Muslim Canadian couple and a Midwestern Farmers daughter are walking down the road together in Uganda, How many different Races are there? In America there are 4 in Uganda only 1. We are all Mzungus in Uganda.

You give me SWEET!!!!


Peace taking a WEEK to put in my thick purple braids, that kind of looked like thin maroon braids.

There is an Irish Pub EVERYWHERE!!!!

Ugandan Shuffle.

Laura and I being crazy Mzungus arguing with a Ugandan Doctor.

“Madam! You are off sides!” “I don’t know what that means, so stop telling me I’m doing it!”

The Land Cruiser


Jeeeeeeesus we are Heera!

The Homeless man punching me!

“Hey Pam! I thought of another Musical…..”

Mzungu Corkscrew

No Seriously, Who the Fuck is Alice?!

School fees.

My teaching of Good Sportsmanship was reduced to a chant by the kids:
“Nooo Cheating”
“Nooo Beatings”
“Play by the Rules”

My toes are always red!

Madam China

Lisa’s secret books, looks, and Hand Shakes.

Random Ugandan Guys singing the creepy song “Oh, Carol” to me.

The Huge chunks of Dirt that came out when Erica took out my braids.

Bad Sabo

Dunk, Dunk, Goose

Malaria Test, Pregnancy test…. It’s all the same.

We need to go get the torch to find the parcel, for surely the Parcel will be grand. Getting parcels is brilliant. I never get enough at Uni. I hate minging parcels though, I only want a proper one.

Gossiping with the P.6 and P.7 kids.

Dutchmen on Buses can know a lot about your name.

Rude Rova, Rude Rova

Aunt! Aunt!

Geography, There are about 20 kids in Uganda who know where Lansing is.


Boon-ta-koo, Boon-ta-koo

“Madam, We are not cheating.” While holding another students exam.

The Fastest way to get your class to stop talking when you are working on passing drills for basketball is a quick chest pass to the child talking the loudest.


Biggie Mzungu



Hakuna Matata

Hair Straightening being an event.

3 ½ hours at the airport.

Runaway Gracie! You Cry baby!!!!!!

If you are trapped between a hippo and water you are dead.

Exams that ask you to look at the shaded region but yet have NO SHADED REGION!

I’ve seen Fire, I’ve seen rain, I’ve seen HAIL in Africa

Michigan Pride

“Madam it is 2 past 15” “No, it is 15 past 2.”



The Muslim triplets


Pray to your maker!

Madam High five. high four. high three. high two. high ONE!!!

She always seems nervous.

Emma Just switch me seats!!!!

Shelly’s nasty Nudie Blanket.

Ugandan Elvis.

They’re kicking us out! They are playing Celine Dion!!!!

Alright! We didn’t want you to walk with us anyway!

The sex advice column in the Newspaper.

We can dance. We can dance. We can leave your friends behind. Cuz your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance their no friends of mine.

Yes I googled everyone.

Are we getting any new volunteers?

Richard’s Lugandan Love songs


One of the Goal posts fell down so we can’t even play soccer!

Annie’s Generosity

Natalie and I had some great gossip fests about celebrities. And then when that was done about other volunteers. First half of my stay I heard no good gossip, right when I leave it got juicy.

Matatu Park.

Hairy Armpits

Inigo- In ya go

“We can dance for you.” “No that would cost money. We don’t have money” “Bye-Bye”

Why is there Talking? There should be no talking!!!!”

Secret Missions

Maybe he/she is on Larium…. Is accepted as an explanation for someone’s crazy behavior.

And Always remember….. MY HEART WILL GO ON

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

It's all coming back to me nooooooooowwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!

Okay let's just get this out of the way: Riding on a Bus in a Third World Country is not as glamorous as you may think it is. Don't get me wrong it defiantly has it's perks. On an 8 hour bus ride today with, No air conditioning, No leg room, and way too many passangers; we did get to hear A Whole New World on the Radio... not once but twice!!!! With in minutes of each other. And if that isn't a sign of how amazing riding the bus is, a few hours later I got to hear Celine Dion's It's all coming Back and right after that My Heart Will Go On. So Defiantly big perks, just not the glamorfest you might expect.I had two eight hour bus rides full of fun because this weekend was my last weekend in Uganda, and I didn't want to leave without having seen the country side. Grace, Catherine, Alison, Mary, Natalie, and I decided to go to Lake Buyonyi. It is right on the Uganda/Rwanda/Congo Border. So Grace and i figured it is like going to Rwanada but not as Expensive, and like Going to Congo but not quite as Dangerous.It was amazing. I pretty much just sat by the lake the whole time. It is up in the mountains and everything too. Grace and I did try to be over achivers and do something, but that lasted literally baout 20 minutes. We tried going Canoeing and it is complete madness to canoe in a dug out canoe. We just kept spinning in circles. And every time we started spinning in a cirlce we just quit and would sit there. There also happened to be a bunch of people sitting on the shore watching us and just laughing. So we eventually just quit for good and land next to the lake. There was no sun and it was chilly, so why we spent the day laying around nobody knows. The place also had Satelite TV so we were able to watch some of the Olympics with a Bunch of Aussies. I have never watched without a bunch of Americans cheering on all the same people I am. On Sunday everyone but Mary and I decided to go back to Ndejje Village, but Mary and I wanted one more day without all the pollution. It was really nice, we ended up going for a hike. And these children were begging for Pens and sweets and Money. ONe boy was really quite smooth, telling us he didn't want anything he just wanted to walk with us. And then he suggested that the children dance for us and we flat out said, "No, That would cost us money. We DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY." He literally stopped walking with us then and said "Bye Bye" No tact at all. Other kids tried to get us to go swimming with them. We think so that way they could take our bags while we are in the water. So they all went running into the water trying to get us to join. And once they were all in Mary and I just took off. Later that night we watched the Men's 4 X 1 freestyle in swimming. And it was so said the Aussies finished 6th and Americans 3rd. Pitiful!!!! But South Africa totally deserved it. South Africa's Version of Sports Center is Terrible by the way.Today our driver to get us back into Kabale to catch our bus home never showed up so this group called Overlanders gave us a ride in. They ride around in a truck/Winnibago/Semi/bus. It is the biggest thing I have ever seen. Mary and I ended up being in a seat that didn't attach so when we hit a Ugandain Pothole we went flying. So we have been initiated into the Overlanders. Though the bus ride stinks, the view was awesome!

Friday, August 13, 2004

Feeling like I'll never be clean....

I have this nice little dirt ring around my hand from where my thumb and my fingers come together. And my heels are always a constant shade of red. And now that I have braids I can't wash my head I guess. They just gave me this stuff to spray in. So the one thing I could count on makeing me feel clean (clean hair) regardless has been taken away from me. But the worst part of it all..... Iha ahve gotten used to it. Me the queen of no fewer than three showers a day has excepted that being dirty is alright. I know the "tan" I have aquired here will all come off when I get my first hot, steaming bath.Oh wonders of wonders!!!!Yesterday we were having one of our really boring ACF meetings. Which pretty much consists of Rev. Jim talking and these two revolutionists; Emma and Shelly. They are terrible. But there was a big bug on the table and Grace started freaking out over it. So I told the bug to pray to his maker and took a knife and cut off his head. We heard the crunch we saw the head go. So it was grossing us out so we put a napkin over it. About 15 minutes later, THE BUG CRAWLED OUT FROM UNDER THE NAPKIN!!!!!!! What kind of freak bug does that. That broke up our whole end of the table in to histaria. That is far scarier than those freak Flordia bugs. I guess I should have guess AFRICA bugs would be freakier than Flordia bugs. And last night a cockroach was climbing on Pam's Face!!!! AHHHHH so scary it was under her Mosquito netting. My middle fingers hurts. Because yesterday at school when I was telling a little boy to give me the broken piece of mirror he had in his hand becuase he might hurt some one,he stabbed me. Nothing serious but it freaked me out. I'm not a fan of being stabbed in general. Just call me up tight. But I especially don't like me stabbed by a little boy with a borken piece of mirror. I ended up getting it away from him and putting it where he couldn't get it or any of the other kids.Dang kids!Today was Laura and Pam's last day of teachign at the nursery, so we had a party for the kids. Everything we gave them they found to beat the other children. suckers and even unsharpened pencils can be used as weapons when children want to use them that way. But I did dance with one of my favorites to Usher. He is a dancing man. But he has developed this new dance that he really gets into and it involves kicking out to the sides. So if any children are near he doesn't noticew but he totally takes them out. ONe kid stuck his sucker in my mouth before I even had a chance to say no, so then all of the children wanted to. There are always going to be highs and lows of being around children all day.Low: Being Stabbed with a MirrorHigh: Dancing with a three year that loves nothing more than to dance

Monday, August 9, 2004


Yesterday I was writing my journal entry, and fotuantly I save them periodically because the power went out. No no no not just at the computer lab, nope in ALL of Kampala. How come I don't get a I survived the black out of '04 t-shirt. I mean I'm in the only major city in the whole country. In America itends everything in Uganda it's like, "Oh well" It's not like there are an stop lights or anything so traffic could still go. So my longest day since I have been here was on Friday. There is a little boy named Mark at the Anna and Tony nursery. He has had a really bad ear infection and Laura, Pam, and I think he has HIV. So on Friday Laura and I took the little boy to a clinic towards Entebbe called Mild May's. It was complete chaosoutside because there were riots going on all along Entebbe road, which is th one we were on. Because some politican was coming back from the U.K. after being gone for 3 years. So that was already a real hastle. And finally after waiting for three hours w got to go see a nurse. She then proceeded to tell us that they have a policy not to test children for HIV if their mother hasn't been tested. That was not good enough for us because we had explained the whole situation on the phone the da before and they had said it would be fine. So she sent us to the head nurse. Who acted like we were stupid and how could they test the boy when we couldn't even answer the question if he was Catholic or Protastant. Christain was just not a good enough answer. She eventually left us for a long while and came back and said the doctor would not test him. Well that wasjust not good enough for us. We were going to talk to the doctor. The Nurse led us to the doctors door. And line or queues or whatevr are an novel idea here. So we evetually after being cut a few imes just we literally outside his door and wouldn't even let him out of his door after the pactient before us left. He wouldn't do it either so we know he had some good stories to tell of two crazy muzungus in his office that day. His answer was not good enough for us either so we ended up seeing the director of the clinic. We couldn't get our way. Just wasn'tgoing to happen but we put up a good fight. And we did get him medicinefor his ear..... Just stinks. A whole day and we didn't really seem to help him in any way. We defiantly tried though. And we have gotten his mother to agree to be tested. But if she will show, is defiantly a question mark.Africa is an ineresting place. It is a rare day when a Marroon haired American can meet an Iraqi ex-patriot man and discuss their dislike for Bush together on a Matatu(mini Bus) in Uganda. Always a interesting occassion. But I didn't know he was an Iraqi and he didn't know I was an American. He just assumed I was from the Netherlands, which was very weird. I have that look about me.

Sunday, August 8, 2004

It's weird how things can change completely in a short amount of time. Last night I realized there are only 5 other volunteers from when I first got to Africa who are still left. It is weird being one of the "old" volunteers. Grace and I took 6 of the new volunteers into town today and it was all of their first Matatu ride. It such old knoiwledge to us at this point. We know where to go we don't try to get off early. when walking into town I know where the homeless people that'll punch you are and where the extra crazyies hang outs are. And I finally have the hang of crossing the road in a third world country. It goes like this, Look both ways... In uganda Left then Right so if you are American it will take a while to adjust, start creeping a little more and more into the road but not alot so if a car or a boda boda comes out of no where you can jump back onto the road, Then When it looks like it MIGHT be clear PRAY TO YOUR MAKER and run like hell!!!!!!! You just have to have faith you'll be alright, otherwise you are forever going to be on whatever side of the road you are on. I finally stopped worring about car accidents because you never really saw any and then yesterday a volunteer named Jen saw Rev. Jim get into a car accident outside of Barclays when she was getting some money. So now I'm back to fearing for my life. Yesterday was probably the longest day I have had since I have been here.

Thursday, August 5, 2004

Focus on the small things...

Oh, man there is a problem when there are 20 women and a postman living and working together. The women here since there has become an estrogen influx have become quite irrational. I mean I guess I figured there would be corruption with stuff here. We are in Bloody AFRICA!!! There is a lot of stuff going on here that a lot of volunteers are not happy about, but we just have no level headed man here to keep us a little under control. A lot of the volunteers came in here thinking they were going to be making BIG differences. I think it is important to focus on the little things you can do. THere was a volunteer here named Annie and that is all she did was focus on the little things and I think she made a lot of difference here. I'm just doing what I can. I'm really happy here and working at the school despite a lot of things that are going on. Yesterday was a really hard day for me because I came to class, where I usually have about 25 students and when I showed up yesterday I had ten. They said the other students had been dismissed for school fees. I was not happy with that because 4 of my 5 best students had been dismissed because of school fees. And it was the four girls and between 11-13 here is a really crucial time for the girls here and they need to stay in school. But I just have to keep going and doing what I can. Try to help those that still have sponsorship to the school and see if there is anyway I can help those who don't have it. I really am trying to just make a difference by doing small things. There is a worker at the compound where I stay. She is Rev. Jim's sister-in-law. She works for pretty much nothing. But she is absolutely the nicest most selfless person I have ever met. Total sweetheart. She is putting herself through beauty school so someday she can move to Kampala with her daughter Love and start her own Salon. But she wanted to have practice on a Mzungu's(white person) hair. She was like Carol, please let me braid your hair. I kept trying to tell her I really, really didn't want it braided, but she really wanted the practice. So I finally agreed as long as she made my extensions, purple. Cuz we know how I love to have purple hair ;) So I kept repeating to her and making her repeat it to me, "Royal Purple. It looks more blueish then reddish. PURPLE. Say it with me PUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRPPPLE..... NO RED TINT! NONE!!!!!" And when I was in town yesterday we passed a woman with purple braids and one with maroon braids I knew which one I wanted and which one I would get. So right now half of my head has maroon braids. I'm wearing a bandanna to hide the fact that the top half of my head has no braids. I just couldn't fight her on the color. and I was wearing my good ole Central Michigan PJ shirt I always wear and everyone kept commenting on how my braids matched my shirt....(Just guess what CMU's colors are, YEP MAROON and GOLD)... Peace isn't asking for money she just wants practice but I am going to give her some money, because she is going to have to sell her cow to help afford to go to beauty school so I'm hoping I can help out some by paying her. Just keepin' with the small things. I mean I really, really, really don't want braids. and my head hurts really bad. And I'm going to look like a sorority girl who went to Bermuda for a week and wants everyone to ask where she went, cuz she has braids. BUT!!!!!! It is helping Peace get practice, and helping get her out of her brother-in-laws house and letting her provide a better life for her daughter. So it really is all about the

Tuesday, August 3, 2004


So at ACF there has been alot of Negative vibes going around. That in the past few days have all but disappeared and it has become a very pleasant atmosphere. Well let me start from the begining.......There have been two groups, well kind of three. There was this Group called Jonathyn's Group, then Kind of my group(We didn't have a leader to specify the name by), and then people who were left overs from former groups. Well, Jonathyn's group is completely crazy. And they think they are revolutionaries and they all live in a seperate place from most of the volunteers. Dave called it the Revolutionaries house and we ragged on Inigo forever cuz he tried to be in with that group for a weekend, because the leader was his roommate, then he realized they were completely crazy. Jonathyn's Group have many people come in and out of their group, but within the past week most everyone realized how comepletely crazy they are. And that they do absolutely no work what so ever. Not just that they do no work but they have made doing no work an art form. Well, on Saturday Grace and I came back from town, both of us are really sick so it was perhaps the longest walk ever. On our way up we saw the sole members of the Jonathyn following in a car because Jonathyn was leaving for Airport Grace and I didn't think anything of it and waved good-bye. A few hours later while sitting around hearing about Inigo going to see Gorrillas near the Congo Nikki came up and dropped the news on us. Alana and Sylvia the two followers of Jonathyn had not just been taking him to the airport, but were infact running away from ACF! Two Grown ass women ran away from a volunteer organization in Africa! Completely crazy. But it has actually been really good. The atomosphere is completely lifted. I mean there is one group that thinks they are above everyone but they still do some work and they aren't overall mean like the old Jonathyn Group! Weird how ahving two adults run away from an organization can actually strengthen it. Bust me up. Ahhhhh.... After all the craziness has blown over, I still had to take Inigo to the airport this morning. Really cool guy, for his last day yesterday went shopping for his family and friends at home and lunch. I didn't have to spend a shilling, and we got a private hire back. Such a good lunch he took me for, PORK CHOPS!!!! YUM!!!! Something different at least. I looked back in my journal from when I first met him and I said that, "The Mexican boy arrived today. He doesn't really talk much and of course I had to bombard him with questions. Poor kid doesn't know what he has gotten himself into." Yeah that no talking thing has defiantly made a 180. But Grace thought I was a really quite loner when she first met me, so first impression here are nothing. When Inigo and I got back last night Grace was even worse than when I had left that afternoon so we ended up taking her to "The Surgery" that night. She does not have Malaria, a Malaria test looks ALOT like a pregnancy test. And we are in Africa so she prolly has Malaria but is not pregnant. The doctor couldn't really figure out what was wrong, so he gave her cough medicine even though she said she didn't have a cough and sent her home. aaaaahhhh.... for we are in Africa. My toe is falling off Grace is dieing and the doctor sends me home with Honey and Grace with Cough Syrup. So when you read guide books on Africa and they say the rainy season starts in lets say SEPTEMBER and you figure, "oh, that's fine I leave in AUGUST...." still pack something for how incredaibly cold it can get and at least pack something for the rain. It is hard to explain how the set up is for dining at Rev. Jim's but basically we eat outside under this tin roof. three of the sides can be blocked in. But, Tin Roof's make ALOT of noise when it rains... but you can only imagine the noise if it is HAILING!!!! yes that is right. Today for about an hour we all got trapped in this dining area at lunch time because it wasn't only down pouring, but their was a significant amount of HAIL coming down. Fairly big pieces of Hail. And I had to sit there and watch my window blow open and all this hail go into my room, I finally got some nerve and rain to my room through the hail to shut my window. But I only had hail come in my room the people in the tents had to watch their living spaces collapse. After the storm was over A bunch of trees were knocked over and stuff. It really was like a hurricane for a while, or a typhoon. Oh man thank goodness we had 49 cards in a deck so at least we could get a game of Cards going. Yeah, yeah... which card game? I mean CARDS. They only have one card game in uganda, a bunch said it is like Crazy 8s, but to me it seems alot like Uno. Well I'm having fun other than having to figure out where I can buy rain gear and having to pay a bunch of docotrs bills. Ugh.... Oh but to be in Afirca!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2004

You need to look smart!

So here how well you dress is very, very important. And especially how clean your clothes are. But most of these people are wearing old hand-me-downs from The States. The driver of my Matatu today had on a Ohio State Shirt. A nice one, yes. But! I know he is know secret Buckeye fan just chillin' in Uganda. And there is one woman that is always weraing a B93 shirt. I always try to explain to her that her shirt comes from where I'm from. And she either doesn't get it or doesn't care, prolly the latter of the two. But like Rev. Jim had on a Donna Karan shirt. Lisa ragged on him and asked if he was a Donna Karan kinda guy. None of them know what they are wearing. Although I do love the abundance of Jennifer Lopez CLothing. HAHAHAHAHA There was a girl competing for Miss Uganda who came on for her TV interview in a Rose Bowl Sweatshirt. Why not? I think I need to get a JLO skirt and go buy a really cool DMX shirt. Then I'll look Smart.