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Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Skinny

I'm going to have to stop cycling. It's doing bad things to my body. No, I'm not talking about my cut up leg and elbow, or my hurt back from my fall. I got the bike fixed-well almost. The gears won't shift, so I constantly have to ride in the highest gear.
All that is really not a problem compared to the fact that cycling everyday is making my legs... SKINNIER!!!!!!
OH GOD WHY?!!! NO!!!!!
Yep, everyday they are getting a little skinnier. I thought cyling would be good fo beefing up my legs some. I look at famous cyclists and they have nice beefy legs. I have to be the only person, other than my family memebers with the same infliction, who can not make their legs any bigger.
It's not that I want particularly huge legs, it's just I don't want to be what my old Chinese throwing coach said to me one day: "Carwal, you are sooo top heavy! I not sure how you stan on dose lil legs. I think wind come and knock you ova! ha.ha.ha!" I always figured it would be easier to beef up my legs by 15 pounds to maybe start evening them out with the rest of my body than it would be to lose a 100 pounds to match up with my legs. The only problem is if I lost 100 pounds some how I would lose 30 from each leg. Making my top and bottom half a still uneven match.
I would drive everywhere but gas is too darn expensive. Also, by bike I get to see things I would see by car. Last night coming back form the gym I took th long way home and got to go by a Llama farm. I was tempeted to throw my bike down and saddle one of them up and ride home.
Well, my butt has started to FINALLY get used to being on the skinny bike seat, my hands are becoming used to th grip of the handle bars, and to be honestly I'm getting in a lot better shape endurance wise. But skinny legs, come on!


  1. Erica said...

    OMG Halarious!!! You're right you can not afford for your legs to be any smaller!!I loved the Ching-Yie quote, Classic!!! I could hear your voice and his voice in my head!!!

  2. Anonymous said...

    carol that is hilarious.... I'm jealous that you got to go to a llama farm. We had one of those right next door to my highschool and when you walked by one would spit on you. Gville eventually paid the people to move I think...


  3. becky said...

    hahaha, i wish i had that problem :P

    and i love llamas!! when i went to perĂº, seeing llamas was the only thing i just HAD to do.

  4. brandae. said...

    I really wish I had that problem, Carol dear.
    I really have never seen a was that? Let's focus in on the llama.