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Thursday, September 3, 2009

My City Amsterdam

They showed us this video at my orientation for University of Amsterdam. You could spot ever American in the crowd as we all slowly slid down in our seats, popped up our collars, and combed our hair over our eyes as we glared at the floor. Bill O'Reilly is an idiot. Don't believe the false hype about this city.


  1. A Touch of Dutch said...

    Glad you shared this! It's unbelievable what some will say... I would've been sliding down in my seat as well. "Corrupt?" Hardly. Amsterdam, like every other city on the planet has it's tough areas, but unless people are out looking for trouble it certainly isn't a corrupt city.

  2. A Touch of Dutch said...

    PS: I shared about this on my blog today too! Supporting the great city of Amsterdam :-) And I also tried the poor man's lobster! It was delicious ;-)

  3. Anonymous said...

    nice carol!

    Glad you are blogging again...I miss it!