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Thursday, March 25, 2010

I want to be a cheesemaker

Last weekend I went to the least populated provience of one of the most densely populated counties in the world-Twente. I hadn't ever been to Twente so it was new experience for me. And after living in Amsterdam so long I get really excited when I head out of town and have some room to move around.
I was with my friend Claartje and we went to visit her hometown of Losser- Loser with we a little extra. :P
Since there isn't a whole lot to do there Claartje's mom suggested with go visit her new friend Pauline, a cheesemaker in the area.
Pauline was incrediably kind and open to us, giving us the full tour of her farm/cheese factory. The whole time I was like I want to do this! I want to be a cheesemaker. I have a random assortment of old jobs behind me maybe Cheesemaker can be my next calling..


  1. Unknown said...

    Great photos!
    One day soon, when company can fly here safely again without a volcano messing it up, I will keep this cheese factory in Losser in mind :-) Thanks for sharing about this!

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