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Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's not all about Taste

Even beyond sunny smell or the delectable taste, the greatest thing about an avocado is the texture. It's not too hard, ti's not too soft it almost melts in your mouth. Mash it up and mix it with some other veggies to make Guacamole and it becomes the perfect texture for a dip.
I thought fasting would free up my time to get stuff done. Not to think about food and what not... I realize now that I eat without thinking. So, all that time I had to not think and eat I now fill with looking for fantastic recipes that I fantasize about making.

I have made some good use of this time. I have found the wikipedia page for avocados:

I also found the official Avocado website:

There are some amazing looking recipes on it. There is even a kids section if you want the kiddies to learn about avocados-which if you have a child you should. I didn't learn about them till going to Honduras my last year at university.
Now I gotta find some avocado seeds and in a month or so I could grow my own.


  1. Brandie said...

    Avocado slided on eggs benedict is really awesome. Add pepperjack or a similar spicy cheese, monterrey jack if you're not the spicy type. Make sure you mix in a little lime juice and cilantro into the hollandaise before you put it on though. Its yummy. I love food. Sometimes I wish I were a chef.

  2. Brandie said...

    P.S. Why are you fasting and what fast are you on?