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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It's not just because I am heading into my 8th day of fasting. Not because my tummy is rumbling. Not because I have been looking up recipes that I wanna try and cook. No none of these reasons are why I'm about to type this next sentence:
I do, I really love sandwiches. I love the whole idea of two slices of bread with a slice of meat a slice of cheese. Not enough foods involve the word slice and sandwich is just choke full of them.

ooooo what about Grilled Cheese sandwich? I haven't had one of those in well over a year...maybe two. When I get off this fast I need to make one of those with some tomato soup.

oh, I need to go before I get on to that wonderful topic of soup. Cold Shower, I need a cold shower.


  1. *secret smile* said...

    You crack me up.

    Why are you fasting? 8 days is a long time - is this a full fast? Or a certain kind? Religion related? I'm curious... I don't think I could do it!

  2. Kyle said...

    speaking of sandwiches, i kind of wanted one of those narodny sandwiches the other day, you know, the ones with peas and corn in them, yeah, good shit

  3. Anonymous said...

    why on earth have you not eaten in 8 days? That can't be good.

    I'm curious too!


  4. Carol/K-Roll/C-Bone said...

    I have been fasting since the beginning of lent.

  5. caitlin said...

    carol, my favorite choosy catholic! ;-p the part i love the most is that you grew up making fun of the catholic religion haha. i grew up in the catholic religion. mymymy how we've switched roles.