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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pot Luck Wednesday

On Wednesday nights my friends and I get together to have a pot luck. They are held at my soon to be apartment. There is nothing really in the apartment because Liz(my soon to be roomie) and myself have been living out of backpacks for years.
Today Liz ran out of paper towels. I had for gotten my towel at the apartment Saturday night. When I showed up to the pot luck tonight I noticed my towel sitting on a kitchen counter. I moved it over and way from the counter since that is my end of my shower towel. Sitting near the food we were about to eat and being used to dry off the dish we were about to eat from didn't seem right.
I hadn't noticed that Liz had taken back the towel to the kitchen area. Our token boy Max was using the towel to dry off his hands. I asked, "Is that my towel?" Liz reluctantly said that it is my towel.
"Why is it back in the kitchen?"
No answer.
That's when I decided to say a real party killing sentence.
Max decided to put down the towel and re-wash his hands.
Bathroom towels and kitchen towels are not interchangable things.


  1. A Touch of Dutch said...

    You never fail to make me laugh ;-) I'll bet your potluck Wednesdays is the funniest place in Alaska!

  2. Tom said...

    This reminds me of a party at the 318. My cousin came downstairs in one of my sweatshirts that she snagged from my room/the coat closet without my knowledge. Conversation went as follows:

    "Nice sweatshirt, Morgan"
    "Hahaha, yeah it's yours"
    "Hahaha I worked out in that 2 hours ago!"

    Joke was definitely on her.

  3. liz said...

    i didn't know you would wipe your body off with a hand towel

  4. Anonymous said...


    Thank you for pointing out the obvious! I see your brother sitting by the campfire putting on his socks in front of others and wonder what they might think of his big toes? It does not phase your family....but my family is in aww of how big his toes are! Mack likes to wear Doug's size 18 shoes....only to discover that they smell! Well Mack, what do you expect?

    Smiles and hugs from Marion, MI

    Amy (space) Lynn