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Thursday, September 4, 2008

I'm not flat busted either...

Is there really a button out there that says: THE HOTTEST V.P. FROM THE COOLEST STATE? If there is can I just request for someone to send me one. I don't know how I would reward someone for sending me such a precious gift but I'm going to Africa in a month so I could get you something very cool too. I really need that button. I want to put it next to my pin I got in Finland. The pin is of President Tarja Halonen of Finland. If the conversations I got into because of the pin are any indicator she is pretty popular there. Also, she kinda looks like Conan O'Brien... That might be the entire reason I bought the pin.

I'm so glad Palin is in this Campaign. America is moving forward now. We are finally getting passed our sexist past. Women's voices will finally be heard. Who more represents women than a former beauty queen? All women wear heels with their bathing suits.
McCain didn't pick her just to try and pander to Clinton supporters. He also didn't pick her to try and make his campaign as historically significant as Obama. No. He wouldn't do that because those are ridiculous reasons to pick a VP. No he picked her to show the Country how much the Republicans have changed since Hillary Clinton dropped out of the campaign.
You NEED to watch this:

I found it extremely bold for Palin to compare herself to Truman. Aren't Republicans suppose to be comparing themselves to Reagan? Hmmm.. who is someone else who compares himself to Truman?
George W. Bush.
He has to try and compare himself to Truman because he has nothing left. Truman was realitively unpopular when he left office but history has made him one of the great American Presidents. Bush is just hoping that history can some how turn him into a great president.
Hockey Mom.
I don't know any Hockey Moms but I know plenty of Soccer Moms and I don't want any of those crazy, overzealous, hyper-competive be-otchs second in line to a very old man to become the leader of the free world.

Okay, you might think I was being sarcastic when I said I'm glad Palin is in this campaign. Honestly, I'm not. She gives me hope. Hope that I can someday be running for vice President with viturally no qualifications. It makes sense. If we look at McCain's logic all women are replacable. If Palin can easily replace Clinton... than that means I can some day get up to a heart beat from the highest office.
Education wise I'm as qualified as she is. She holds a BA from the University of Idaho in Journalism. I hold a BA from Michigan State University in Political Science. My school was the first Land Grant university which is a legacy of Lincoln's the first and greatest Republican President.
She was a sportscaster... which just means she can talk about sports. See me I'm a doer, I play sports-all kinds of sports. I'm even so good that I sometimes watch sportcenter and comment on what the sportscasters are saying. I don't just do, I also talk.
If being a Hockey Mom is some great qualification than you should look at what she named those qualifications.
Girls: Piper, Willow, Bristol. Boys: Track, Trig
Well, I don't currently have any children but I plan on naming my future fictious children: Throckmorton, Thrash, and Thor... Those are the boys names... Girls names would be boring family names. But this shows that I too can give children stupid names.
So watch out world Carol Bontekoe is a-comin' Though I don't have any pictures discussing my breasts I have plenty of embarressing photos from my youth. Although, my parents might be smart enough not to release them to the media. Jeez, hope that doesn't hurt my chances...
I'll be 44 for election 2028. I already have more forgein policy expierence than she does. I have to get focused. I only have 20 years to have some oddly named children and to become way to involved in their sports; to learn to read a telepromtor while discussing touchdowns, to get 1100 votes to become a mayor of some hicktown(I'm from hicktowns and love hicktowns-so, personally I would love that job) and then get in less than two years of experience as being a governor of one of the least populated states in the Union... North Dakota, Vermont, or Wyoming get yourselves ready for Bontekoe 2026 Gubenatorial campaign. I mean I gotta show Palin up in some way or the other and I figure going for an even less populated state is the way to go.

I need to be Fair and Balanced so if you already haven't watched her RNC speech feel free to do it now:


  1. caitlin said...

    ROLL WITH K-ROLL 2028!

    cannot stop laughing at this blog.