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Saturday, September 27, 2008

You probably won't think these are funny...

A friend of mine from Kyrgyzstan created his first Facebook group. He is very proud of it. His name is K-Train. It's not his actually birth name, although that would be awesome if it was....note to self maybe instead of naming my child Thrash I'll name him K-Train.... second note to self-Don't actually have any children or any one the way....not three must stop making plans for mythical babies that don't exist.
The K-Train nickname came around for lack of a good nickname. There were two Kyles in K-14 group. One had been dubbed Frat Kyle... by some girls Sexist Kyle(and occassionally by some minority people racist Kyle). Personally I thought his sexist ways were funny and had to bite my lip when other girls got their panties in a bunch.
My favorite Frat Kyle moment was when he had to compare women in Kyrgyzstan to American women. He got up in front of everyone and said,
"kyrgyz women wash clothes by hand. American women show Lupe how the washer works."
I'm still laughing over that one.

oh, but back to K-Train. The nickname Frat Kyle was already taken, so, it some how became that the other Kyle(now known as K-Train) became Silent Kyle. To be fair he does talk and is quite funny. Just took a while for people to realize it. The first day I met him I so thoughtfully said, Do just not talk or is that you just don't talk to me?" he said he just doesn't talk. Fine by me as long as it not a carol related issue. anywho, Another dude in the Peace Corps and I were talking about how we needed a better nickname for Silent Kyle and Zach(the other dude I refered to earlier) just threw out the name K-Train. I loved it... and can't remember a time since I have called him anything else.
I seem to have gone a bit off topic explaining how K-Train a guy you have never met(unless you are a K-14, Caitlin, or in fact K-Train himself) got a nickname that not many call him.... His Frat Nickname(yes, in reality they were both Frat Kyles) is Nugget...I'm sticking with K-Train unless I ever see him again and I have a couple too many long islands... then I will probably call him Nugget.
What was my point? Oh, yeah so on his group that he started one of the other RPCVs posted some comics about Kyrgyz politics...
If you ever wanted a bit of a view into the place I lived(but never got around to calling home) for a while then check these Comics out:

Find that funny?


  1. caitlin said...

    i don't get why kalpaks weren't enough of a selling point for the 'awesomeness' of kyrgyzstan...