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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I need to take an intermission here from my cycling story for a quick Public Service announcement.

I don't like being treated like I'm dumb. Whether I am dumb or not is irrelevant. I don't ask for much in life but I do ask, "Please, please don't insult my intelligence."
With that said I have to say one more thing-John McCain how dare you! How dare you insult my intelligence so. I am truly hurt.
I haven't been this hurt since Dub-yah took South Carolina and turned Republicans against McCain. I was little Miss Republican back then. I had even bought myself an elephant key chain. .
When John McCain dropped out in 2000 I took that key chain off my bag and threw it away. I never thought I could trust or believe again.
I know that was a bit dramatic but I was a 16 year old who was really into politics. People collectively making a bad choice upset me. Still does. However, this new hurt- hurts worse than 16 year old Carol's pain, because this time it comes form McCain himself.
I just want to point out something... cuz honestly maybe guys never really realized... NOT ALL WOMEN ARE THE SAME!!!! You can't just throw one out there and say good enough!
This has nothing to do with Palin or Clinton's politics. Neither one was every my pick for president. Wanna know why that is? It's because even though I'm a woman I don't just blindly vote for any woman on the ballot. That is insulting sir. Women, are we really this dumb? Why haven't we stood up and said, "This is just absurd."
When you look outside of their reproductive system these two politicians have virtually nothing in common. Yet, somehow having her on the ticket is suppose to pull all the sen. Clinton supporters to McCain. They should be viewed not on the woman factor but on the political factor. On what they stand for. Women if you were planning on voting for Clinton and now you have switched over just because McCain put a woman in there for his Vice President than I have to say shame on you too. Shame on you for feeding into irrational women stereotypes. Because no one who wanted Sen. Clinton should want Gov. Palin, Just as I believe that Gov. Palin supporters shouldn't be voting for Sen. Clinton.

However, I haven't heard a lot of women changing their tune because of McCain's VP pick(which gives me some relief), it has mostly been middle aged men. Really guys? Grow a freakin' pair! And get over your Naughty Librarian fantasy.

Okay, phew... just needed to vent for a minute. Now back to the ramblings of Carol Bontekoe, Europe and a bike.


  1. Anonymous said...

    i totally agree.

  2. Karen said...

    Actually, Carol, I really agree. I was really unsure of who I would vote for, but the more I look at Palin, the more I DON'T want to vote for McCain any more.
    Which in a way is sad, because people who know me know I was really into McCain in 2000. He made a decision, by choosing Palin, so that he wouldn't lose his Christian right base, but in the process has probably alienated most of the Independents and Undecideds like me.

    Also, I wasn't dumb enough to vote for Hilary, just because she was a woman, why would I be stupid enough to do that with regards to Palin.