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This blog has been keeping track of my adventures since 2004. The stories and the adventures have come from my college dorm room to Uganda, Peace Corps Kyrgyzstan, learning Dutch in the Netherlands to living in the wilds of Homer, Alaska. I went back to school in Amsterdam to study Theaterwetenschap (Theatre Science) at University of Amsterdam. And now my adventures as a Fruit Fly, a Sexy Unicorn, and creating a movement with Team Sparkle in Chicago.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Fresh Diary Milk

Spelling here doesn't seem to matter too much as long as you get the jist. I'm far to afraid to buy Fresh Diary Milk.... Maybe it's just me but I sure prefer that Dairy kind. ON our way into Kampala today Grace, Alia and I watched as a herd of Cattle walked down the four lane divided highway. We were all looking at each other going, "Why wouldn't there be a heard of Long horn cattle walking down the highway? It makes perfecr sense." The animals here are all pretty tame because they are so used to being intertwined with humans in everyday life. As we all know I do terribly with accents. I mean I'm really bad. So I'm already having trouble with the African accents, I seem to be able to understand very, very little. But to top it off I can't understand a word the Brits say. And my roomate as such a thick, hard, accent that the other Brits are like yeah.... we don't understand what she is saying. And during the day, when I could have James who is from the same general area as her translate for me, she never seems to talk. Then wehen we are in our room reading, writing in our journals or whatever she seems to get quite chatty. And she will finish a sentence and I'll let a couple minutes go by trying to igure out what she said before I'm finally just like, "Yeah... I pretty much have no idea what you said." or "WHAT?!!!?, WHAT?!?!?!" Very Lil' Jon style. hahahaha.... But I'm surving. I understand pretty much everythign Inigo(The Mexican) says. It is really weird. But everyone says I do a really bad impression of him. They said I make him sound like he is Zorro. And to me.... HE SOUNDS like FREAKIN' ZORRO!!!! Oh, well.Everyone in our group kinda seemed sick today. I really felt bad so I got Echo to cover for my class and headed home took a Cipro went to sleep nad now I'm feeling some what better. I wanted to feel better because we are going to Karioke tonight, and why wouldn't you do Karioke when you are in Africa. Because Lisa, an Air Force Major who is kinda like everyone's really cool mom here, is leaving tomorrow. We got it all cleared to stay out paste 7:30....oh we are all such rebels. But it should be fun day in Kampala. But in the mitts of everything we know it is important to have fun, as well as help people. Keep us sane. Otherwise this all could be a little much....Oh we got a new boy in last ngiht who they are tryign to push off on me and be under Inigo's and I's wing. I'm defiantly not feeling him. he is this wannabe whiteboy from California, who goes to U. of Texas, and came in wearing a Detriot hat like a gangsta. I was like noooooooooooooooooo..... A boy who wants to pretend like he came back to the mother land even though he isn't black. Oh poor rich white boys who have no idea what they are getting themselves into. We'll see how he survives.