Carol Bontekoe

This blog has been keeping track of my adventures since 2004. The stories and the adventures have come from my college dorm room to Uganda, Peace Corps Kyrgyzstan, learning Dutch in the Netherlands to living in the wilds of Homer, Alaska. I went back to school in Amsterdam to study Theaterwetenschap (Theatre Science) at University of Amsterdam. And now my adventures as a Fruit Fly, a Sexy Unicorn, and creating a movement with Team Sparkle in Chicago.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Oh, man..... Last night was the first night here I have had a fun really chill night. About 15 of the volunteers went out Karioking which was a total blast. A bunch of us sang. I was the firt one but it was because Inigo tricked me and I ended up on stage singing Bed of Roses... BY MYSELF!!!!! But I totally paid Inigo back I told him I would get him and I did right before we left I tricked him into getting on stage singing What's New Pussycat....With his Zorro accent....Priceless!!!!!!!! It was weird cuz I had only been with very poor people the whole time I have been here, even though I know there are rich people here and you can live very nice, I hadn't seen any of it yet. And the Karioke bar was in a mall, and pretty mcuh everyone there was really rich. We took some of the guys from the church, and our Matatu driver in with us and they were like we are so lucky to be here. No one comes to garden city from our village. So it was pretty rad to give those guys a nice night out. It as nice to just be out of the house and away from the village. It was weird though cuz it was kinda Bittersweet cuz we all realied it ment Lisa was going to be leaving. She is saaa funny. And one of the most generous people here. She is bringing one of the guys from the Church that works with ACF to America to go to University so then he can come back and help his community. Very cool. Defiantly a role model for all of us here. We just got in a Dutch girl today. Yet another accent for me to not be able to understand. hahahaha When we got back from Karioke, my roomie was asking what was one the roof. I was like...uhhhhh rain. I guess she had thought there was a stampede of Lizards. I don't think they are nearly as bad as the HUGE cockroaches. But she is terrified of the Lizards.One of the Guys here, Farhan, goes to MIT. And he told me that he got a call from YALE saying that they would give him as much as MIT did if he would go there. My jaw just dropped and I was like yeah.... MIT and YALE got into a bidding war over me too...hahahaha.... We got some crazy smart people here. He also said he only applied to Top 10 medical schools. OMG... whole other league from me. Well my big white water rafting adventure is this Sunday. Should be hella fun. I'll try to send ya'll some pics.