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This blog has been keeping track of my adventures since 2004. The stories and the adventures have come from my college dorm room to Uganda, Peace Corps Kyrgyzstan, learning Dutch in the Netherlands to living in the wilds of Homer, Alaska. I went back to school in Amsterdam to study Theaterwetenschap (Theatre Science) at University of Amsterdam. And now my adventures as a Fruit Fly, a Sexy Unicorn, and creating a movement with Team Sparkle in Chicago.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

It tastes like paint

I'm defiantly having a blast here and loving the work I'm doing with my kids. I got some of the girls playing full court basketball last night after school. *sniff* that was a HUGE step for them. And some of them even began to understand if you pick up your dribble you don't get to dribble again. But there was a majority of the girls who thought the second the ball got passed to them that they had to start driblling. Like, they dind't understand you could catch and then choose to dribble. I had to play in the game too because there is one girl Ester who is 13 and about 5'9" or so. And in Uganda period that is VERY tall much less for a 13 year old. But she was doing pretty well. Very aggressive and she started getting the idea of a box out. It is too bad they have no where to really play basketball. The kids were lining up to watch me do around the world from only about 20 feet out. It took me awhile to get the hang of where to shoot. I had alot of air balls in the begining, cause the hope has no backboard and can be like what ever height they want. It was alot of fun to watch them understand how basketball is played. Its too bad we are playing with a soccer ball. And I have very little money so I can't buy them one.For my performing arts class this new volunteer, Echo, and I are going to have the kids do Noah's Ark. It will be the first play this school has ever done so they might have the parents come. It is pretty exciting. Yesterday we had the kids doing the Catwalk but with different animals. Very exciting to watch them think for themselves. With another class we just did the regular kind of catwalk, with Dancing, that was classic. I also taught them the mary catherine Gallagher "Superstar" and when the other teachers had kids running up to them yelling super star they all would look at me and I was like, "I'll teach them what I want!!!!!" Two days ago Grace and I pretty much had a break down over how bad our hair is and missing chocolate. Everyone was cracking up like we were joking but we were dead serious. Our hair is taking it far and away the worst here.I have to wash myself out of a bucket, so you never really feel that clean. Also, Grace and I have both been here a little over a week and we are already getting Chocolate withdrawls. Because Choclate made in America or Europe is Hella expensive, And Grce and I are the poorest ones here. but the kind made in Kenya is super gross. So we are trapped here with none. And almost everyone who is here is going home before we do, like with in the next couple of weeks And we are both here till late Augsut so no one understands us. And here I am considered like miss optomist so when Grace and I were going on about our hair everyone was like this is so unCarol. I just smiled and was like you have no idea. OH it was classic the other night Rev. Jim gave us a lecture on how we need to keep the bathroom clean, even though only one girl who lived where the messy bathroom is at was at dinner. And then he went on to go, "And I know you American's are not big on showers. I went and stayed with an AMerican in America. And I asked him should we go take a shower. and he said no need for one and wiped himself off with a napkin. So I know you Americans are not clean people who wash themselves off. But you are in Uganda and people here keep themsleves clean." ..........Cricket Noise...... cricket noise.........All of us Americans were in complete shock. We are all considerably cleaner than alot of the people here and it is very hard to even sta clean here. And once he left were were all like Where the hell did he go in America? I mean even people in Texas and Appalacia don't just use napkins. All the Candians, Brits, the Aussie and the Japanese girl were like well he wasn't talking to us. So of course now whenever someone says they are going to go clean up we all have to throw napkins at each other. Its cool cuz the volunteers are from all over and we have hard core christains, and a muslim couple, catholics, and jews. It is funny cuz no one is PC and we are all totally different. We were like you couldn't have done better casting for the real world if you tried. I'm pretty much the least PC of everyone, but then the people I hang out with the most are Kanayo from Japan, but now lives in america, Farhan and Alia who are the Muslim boyfreind and Girlfriend. They each have alot of family here so they were killing Grace and I telling us about the mansions they get to stay in on weekends. But they are still dope. There is a new kid from Mexico who is really rich. I'm always quizzing Inigo about being rich and everything. He is cool with all my questions. I'm like I need to come to Mexico City and stay with ya and seee how the rich people down there live. We were all talkign about getting our moms and sisters and stuff tto send us cookies ;) and stuff. and he was like our cook doen't make cookies. HAHAHAHA I was like well my cook, and in my cook I mean my mom, makes cookies if I ask nicely. CLassic. He is really cool though. We went and got Orange Juice this morning and I asked him how it was and he replied, It is really artificial it tastes like Paint. Very cool cat. We are glad he joined us. Oh and he explained to me why he is tall, he is about 6'2". Because I was like oh you know when I heard we were getting a Mexican I didnd't expect you to be over 5'7" and he told me it is because he is European Mexican, so he got the European height. His Grandfathers are from Spain....SOOOOO RICH!!!!!!!! Most of my skirts have been ripping from my falling down hills and in hardcore games of duck, duck, goose. And also trying to catch the matutus(Buses). I think I'm the most banged up of all the volunteers. THis weekend I'll prolly get even more banged up. I'm going White Water rafting down the nile on Sunday. I'm going with Kanayo, Farhan, Alia, Inigo, and Echo....Haahahahahaha And my name is Carol so tell me out of that group which name doesn't belong. But it should be totally cool. The instructors are all a bunch of crazy Kiwis and stuff I guess and most are class 5 we were watching the video from people who went this weekend, it looks like it will be awesome. This is Echos first time away from home so we are making her suck it up and make herself get over her fears. And on Saturday I'm going to Uganda Vs. South Africa. should be alot of fun. I love watching soccer/football.Okay well if anyone wants to call me or you know mail me anything ;) that is completely cool. :) Oh and my hotmail I guess isn't wokring right now but you can email me at and leave comments!!!!!