Carol Bontekoe

This blog has been keeping track of my adventures since 2004. The stories and the adventures have come from my college dorm room to Uganda, Peace Corps Kyrgyzstan, learning Dutch in the Netherlands to living in the wilds of Homer, Alaska. I went back to school in Amsterdam to study Theaterwetenschap (Theatre Science) at University of Amsterdam. And now my adventures as a Fruit Fly, a Sexy Unicorn, and creating a movement with Team Sparkle in Chicago.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My First Completes Non-Scarf Knitting project

I had never kintted anything that wasn't a scarf so I thought I would experiment with making something different.So, I tried to make an iphone cozy.... I didn't make it long enough so we are just going to call it a cell phone cozy :)


  1. Charles said...

    Really glad to get to know you through your cool online record of adventures and events. Nice PHONE COZY too and a very practical idea. I'm really glad you are part of the Homer community. If I can be helpful in any way, please just let me know. I notice you have a lot of the same interests as me and Karen.
    Charles Martindell