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Friday, February 6, 2009

My New Arch Nemesis

I seem to be at my best when I have an Arch Nemesis. Not necessarily my funniest period, my funniest periods seem to come when my life is completely falling apart. With the exception of a a couple months before I left Peace Corps my life was in complete shambles and I was not funny which led to a bunch of my friends abandoning me because, "I just wasn't fun anymore." Good to know that when your life completely falls apart, you should just deal with it your self and not expect your friends to help you out in anyway... I mean after all what are friends for? Certainly not being there in a time of crisis. Life Lesson learned... bottle up all emotions and appear happy and funny at all times. Moving on.
No, I can get an arch-nemesis anytime. They actually seem to come along when things are going great. I guess it gives me something to focus any negative energy that is inside of me on something. I haven't had an arch-nemesis in a long time. Mostly because I'm happy and comfortable with who I am. In high school, however, I had many an arch nemesises-nemisi(?) plural for nemesis-anybody?
I would bond with people over a hatred of a third party. I have made many a friend by disliking the same person. Most of the time our hatred for the third party eventually evaporates and we are left with a good friendship. I have on occasion had an arch-nemesis turn into a good friend That mostly comes from them not backing down. They dish it out as good as I can and they can take what I dish out. I eventually love that person and am forced to find little ways to start chipping away at their resolve to hate me and make them my friend. Home-made cookies are a great hatred ice breaker. Because how can you hate someone that made you cookies from scratch?
I thought going a few years without an arch-nemesis meant I had grown up. I thought I was moving on. Doing the whole mature thing. I couldn't be more wrong. I have made an arch-nemesis with the Karaoke man here in town. This involves some back story that I don't feel like re-writing so if you haven't been keeping up feel free to scroll down now to the blog entry from: February 1st 2009 I Know Karaoke .
I took up his challenge and went down to the bar he works at tonight. I waited til a late-ish time in the evening to head down there. I wasn't sure what to expect-pandemonium was one of the many possibilities that went through my head. I packed away some stationary and envelopes to work on letters in case I felt awkward being at a karaoke night alone. I walked in, purchased my one beer I allow myself, and instantly pulled out the stationary. Not out of feeling uncomfortable at the bar, the other 4 people there all seemed to be alone too. I needed something to entertain myself with. There was no music. I wrote letters and stared at my AN. He remembered me but we didn't speak. We didn't need to we both knew this wasn't crazy.
I waited and wrote and sipped and waited and nothing the crowd thinned down and than a few more walked in and would think about it and leave. He wasn't even bothering to have anyone sing.... That's how lame it was. Karaoke Night without the Karaoking. Well, he was right I do find that a bit crazy. Just a different kind of crazy than I was thinking of.
There is a karaoke night on Mondays too. I don't work Tuesdays. I thought Thursday would be a the better of the two nights for some crazy karaoking. Maybe I'm right, maybe Monday is worse. I'm going to have to go and find out for myself. Since I don't have work I plan on observing this craziness or at least intimidatingly staring at AN til the bar closes.
Round one goes to me.

All photos come from google imaging Arch-Nemesis.


  1. caitlin said...

    snap! do i smell a POSER!?

  2. *secret smile* said...

    I can't believe that! Who does that guy think he is?!

    And I love the first image... lol. Battles of good and evil are absolutely necessary sometimes...

  3. Kyle said...

    Your entry begins to breach the question about how to pluralize "Arch- Nemesis". This has had me stumped for years so I am hoping someone really smart reads this blog on a regular basis and could answer this question.