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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Condom Craft Night

Every Tuesday at Kharacters(a bar here in Homer) there is a craft night. This week is Sex Education week at the bar, so the theme for Craft Night was Condom Crafts. I went with two new friend,:Elizabeth and Bryan. We made a variety of crafts in an attempt to win a prize or two.
Here are some of the ones that didn't place:

Elizabeth sign has the Condoms as "O"s and at the bottom it says, "Safe Sex Wins."
Bryan made the most disproportionate women in the world. Makes Barbie's measurements seem possible.

My Condom-nose Pig Mask. I love this thing. I have it hanging on my fridge now.

The Evil Butterfly.

When they were announcing the winners the said first runner-up, second runner-up,third...
There was no real consistency with the places. We thought they had announced all the places and were gathering our things to get going. I was bummed we didn't win anything between the three of us. I was in the bathroom and heard the "Slug" had finished second. I had already told Rudy, the judge, that it was a snail... a slug doesn't have a shell. But who cares, we placed! I finished up my business and came running out saying, "whada we win? whada win? That was our snail!" Rudy stared for a second and than said, "The slug is yours? She said it was hers." Bryan, Elizabeth and I all turned and looked at a girl that was going through a little baggy of prizes. Bryan and Elizabeth were calmer than me I just went ahead and shouted, "Those are our prizes! You didn't make the slug!"
She didn't even bother to fight us as we gathered up our prices. Elizabeth and I each took something we wanted and left the rest for Bryan. I am now the owner of a comical long Jagermeister lanyard. It feels good to be a winner.


  1. becky said...

    i can't believe some bitch tried to claim your snail as her own.

  2. A Touch of Dutch said...

    Great idea for a theme & I do love the creations. "Safe Sex Wins." Congrats on the slug/snail winner & for standing up to the prize thief :-)

  3. *secret smile* said...

    Hahahaha this is priceless! Especially because I can totally see you running frantically out of the bathroom yelling 'thats our snail!!'

    Mmm hmmm... yet another job well done in the world of random awesomeness... Keep it up (though I know I don't have to tell you twice)

  4. Elizabeth said...

    you rock

  5. Anonymous said...

    Let's just say I would NOT want to be the girl who was trying to steal your snail/slug prize.


    Ps, I think the pig is cute!