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Friday, April 10, 2009

Side effect of Volcanic Ash.

My friend Elizabeth and I went to see "The Reader" tonight and were greeted with several surprises. I don't want to give away too much of the movie but I will say if you were ever interested in getting a good look at Kate Winslet's breasts, you will have ample opportunity in this film. They are out there for about half the movie. If you were thinking I would enjoy watching a soft core porn, but are embarrassed at anyone finding out that you are watching a soft core porn than this is the movie for you. Soft Core Porn with a great story to come along.
The biggest surprise was waiting for us as we entered the theater. We had to remove our shoes and leave them by the door. We cracked jokes with other audience members about pretending we were at a slumber party. The owner of the theater must have heard everyone making so many jokes and came out to explain that the ash will make the film reels catch on fire. So, that is why we needed to take off our ash covered shoes.
I have seen a film catch fire once before in Phoenix Arizona 007 was rapping up is escapades and the entire picture melted away. Got two free tickets for it.
I enjoyed having an excuse to take off my shoes in the movie theater. It is perhaps the only perk of having everything covered in ash.


  1. becky said...

    i remember watching "one hour photo" at the university centre at CMU, and the film caught on fire. for one split moment, i thought it was just something artsy they had done for the film.

  2. A Touch of Dutch said...

    Wow! What a good morning-laugh! I had never heard of this, but you and your above commenter Becky have given me enough evidence to believe it. And a good forewarning of the Kate Winslet movie. Thank you :-)

  3. Carol/K-Roll/C-Bone said...

    One hour photo was such a crap film! The only good part was when he was watching a football game it was Michigan State... oh and that Teacher from Never been kissed was in it and he is fine! :)
    I defiantly recomend the reader.... De Verlezer in Dutch? That's just a guess I have no idea:)

  4. caitlin said...

    i would love to see a movie with no shoes on! did they throw out the 'no feet on the back of the chairs' rule then? :)

    hahaha 'for one split moment, i thought it was just something artsy they had done for the film.' ...that's hilarious and had i been there i would probably still be thinking it was something artsy. :-P