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Friday, April 17, 2009

You NEED to watch these.

I know I normally make post of stuff I find funny and call it a day but you gotta watch this. Susan Boyle has become a sensation in the past couple of weeks out of a small village in Scotland. The link is to Susan Boyle's appearnce on Britian's Got Talent(imagine American Idol-Simon is even on it) People laughing and snickering at her. It's absurd. The arrogance to assume cuz someone doesn't fit a certain look that they must have no talent. She seems to be a simple country gal who gets confused easily... but don't let that foul ya.

This is a sound recording from a charity album she sang for back in 1999. I hput it on repeat for about an hour. It is fantastic!

There are tons of ugly male singers who don't live up to a cookie cutter image of beauty. It's nice to finally see a female who is steping out of her village to show you never know where talent is.

Side note about me....Cuz Ilike to bring all things back to myself. I spent a day lawn bowling in her home town. One of my favorite days ever.


  1. Tom said...

    As you well know, I don't often watch these shows. But after watching that, I might even tune in if I can to see her again! Is this broadcast here as well (shows how much I know about it)? Amazing, just amazing!

  2. becky said...

    i saw this the other day, and it made me tear up watching it again. her voice is amazing. i really hope she wins!

  3. Joansie said...

    Yeah!!...for Susan, a middle-aged woman chasing her dream!

    Thanks for following my blog...that is how I found you.

  4. A Touch of Dutch said...

    Susan rocks! Thanks for sharing this. It's another great one by her!