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Friday, January 30, 2009

name your children well.

Everyone likes to talk about how crazy celebrity baby names are. They do give their children some odd names. I would like to point out that they aren't the worst at naming their children. The worst are Hippie/Potheads.
Homer is a hippie friendly area. There is even a yurt dealer in town because they are so popular up here. Today I met a little girl with Dreadlocks. She is five years old, and she matched her mother's dreadlocks, home-made clothes look.
Her name:
Raindrop Tigress.
Don't act like that doesn't make Coco and Apple look a lot better. I can only imagine why her parents would name her that...
..."raindrop because water gives life and she is a drop in this life. And Tigress because it it powerful and strong."
I have never smoked pot but I guess if I did I would want to name my child Vapor Lioness.


  1. caitlin said...

    are they hippies or native americans? that might better explain their reasoning..

  2. Carol/K-Roll/C-Bone said...

    regular old hippie. Not many native Americans here they are more up north.

  3. Joansie said...

    When I was in school a few mothers named their kids with cutesie first names to go with the last like Lilly Pond and Sandy Gravel, Crystal Palace....those poor kids!!!

  4. Carol/K-Roll/C-Bone said...

    oh, my goodness. Those are some crazt names. That is like Rob Morrow(Northern Exposure, Numb3rs) named his daughter Tu... Tu Morrow.