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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mid-western Politeness in Alaska

I'm very polite.
Well sure, no, I mean obviously not if you know me.
I meant I'm very polite in a store, out in general public kind of way.
Ya know, that Midwestern kind of politeness.
I can wait in line patiently.
I can do the chit-chat with cashiers if necessary.
I love doing that whole, "have a nice day thing." However, this Midwestern politeness makes me look like a total A##hole sometimes. It mostly comes at the end of a transaction, if the cashier isn't as polite as I am.
The cashier will just hand me my receipt and say, "Here's your receipt." That seems to be the norm up here in Alaska. The problem is I have it programed in my head not to just end there. I try to just take the receipt and walk away, but my brain clicks and turns. The final result ends up being me ticking and nodding as I take my receipt, or more often than not it goes something like this:
"Here's your receipt."
"Thanks, you too."
????????-all across the face of the cashier.
My trigger response isn't so weird if the cashier says, "Have a nice day."
That ingrained polite trigger response just makes me look like a goon.
Note to self:
work on a proper response to, "Here's your receipt."
Maybe, "Thanks. I will file this, under "D" for donut."


  1. Anonymous said...

    Hahaha! Don't act like you didn't buy that donut! We don't need to bring ink and paper into this.

    -Tom (forgot my password to my own blog account)

  2. Tom said...

    I think I got it.