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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Go Daddy

I decided to look at to see whether I should go ahead and buy the name to make it easier on you-the dozens of you that read this blog. I figured you could than just type in my first and last name throw a dot com at the end and find me Carol Bontekoe.
Shockingly was still available. Since I am the only one in the world, or at least the only one that comes up when you google my name(using google as a verb not a noun is super cool, also you should facebook me sometime). I didn't appreciate Go Daddy trying to talk me into a bunch of other names. Names it felt were better than some reason costs as much as .com
Go Daddy even went so far as to suggest maybe I might want or
How insulting! That's not my name don't call me that! It's bad enough that I saw in a baby naming book once that said, "Why name your baby Carol when there are nicer more elegant versions like Carolyn and Caroline?"
First it was books suggesting that my name wasn't good enough now it is the Internet. Who does that? Who goes, "yeah, your name is alright but you see how adding three letters to the end makes it that much better?"
At least my last name is okay for getting a domain name.It keeps the price Low. I feel sorry for a Carol Morris, Carol Myers, Carol Gibson, Carol Hill, Carol Kennedy, or Carol Hunter. Because of their painfully common last names their names will cost them between 700 to 4,000 dollars for a domain name. Carol Bontekoe is worth 10 dollars. Wait! That just made me sound like a low end hooker...
In the end I decided not to pay for a domain name. Not because Go Daddy had insulted me by suggesting I might be better off with Carolyn or Caroline as my first name. No, I decided not to because except for a handful of people no one knows how to spell my name. I'd be like, "oh, Dude you can check out what I'm doing by going to my website it's just"
They would talk to me a few days later telling me that they couldn't find anything when they typed in my name. I would then find out that they tried:

I'm hard to find if you don't know how to spell my name. I do know at least one person who knows how to spell my name, Caitlin Joy Dobson. I have been looking for adjectives to describe myself and I liked how she used my name(correctly spelled) to describe me.
C - aring
A - dventurous
R - owdy
O - ver-the-top
L - ovely

L - oud
Y - oung-at-heart
N - ice
N - ever late

B - rave
O - pen-minded
N - octurnal
T - rue friend and true to herself
E - nergetic
K - ick ass (no really, she could kick your ass!)
O - utgoing
E - veryday people

It may not be a domain name, but it's all spelled correctly and not trying to make me jazz up my name. That means alot to me.


  1. becky said...

    i know how to spell carol bontekoe, too :D

  2. becky said...

    oh, and...

    "Carol Bontekoe is worth 10 dollars. Wait! That just made me sound like a low end hooker..."

    HAHAHAHA... classic carol :P