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Friday, January 16, 2009

Perfect Timing

Today I witnessed the most perfect timing on a fart that has ever existed. The only one I have ever seen come close to the one I saw today was in 6th grade. I was doing sit-ups and just as I came up I let one rip right in Neele Nedvad's face.
Today however was better for the sheer fact that I'm an adult and they shouldn't be as big of a deal.
Tonight was open gym volleyball. Most of the people are middle aged. One of the older men from the group was serving and right as he hit the ball he let out a huge fart.
You would think... I mean really YOU WOULD THINK that grown adults would ignore it and play the ball out. we couldn't. It seemed that after that moment the ball was suspended in the air. There was time enough to hit it. Instead of hitting the ball we all just stared at each other. When the ball hit we all just lost it and start giggling like 5 year olds. We would almost gain composure and than we would lose it
Mature, eh?
The man who did the serve/fart turned bright bright red. I have never seen an adult get that red from embarrassment.
I was suprised by how hard I was laughing. I hate fart jokes. I think fart jokes are a last resort at humor.
We eventually were able to play again. While we were playing I kept running it through my head why I had laughed so hard. I eventually realized that it was because of timing for the fart. So, while I hate fart jokes, I love perfect timing.


  1. becky said...

    hahahaha... both ryan & i are laughing about the fart :P

  2. Anonymous said...

    hahhahahahh that's awesome. It has to be all about the timing...


  3. caitlin said...

    as soon as i started reading this and got to the part where the dude farted i started cry laughing. i now have tears streaming down my face.

    oh, and mid-laughter, i farted. (kidding. maybe.)