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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My shiny shoes

"Hey do you have a small pair of shoes I could..."
"Oh, I.."
"OH.MY GOD!!!"
The twelve year old who was going to ask to borrow a pair of my shoes had suddenly gotten a glimpse of my bright green shoes. Yeah, "Oh my God" probably is the correct response. I smiled and we both agreed my shoes probably weren't going to fit her.
Ya know the "Oh my God" response would be a lot nicer and more fun if it were to lets say, my breasts. But alas it is only for my feet.
oh, and my hands.
well and if you are next to me in a plane-my shoulders.
okay, I guess I'm just an "Oh My God" kind of Girl.


  1. kickstand said...

    You've got green shoes? Cool.
    Also, I can sympathize...I hate sitting aisle because everyone that passes by me always bumps into me. Everyone. Including the drinking cart, a la The Wedding Singer...