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Monday, January 12, 2009

Water in the ear...

I went to church this morning. I figured on top of the whole spiritual aspect it would be a good way to meet some people. I got a little welcome gift for coming: a jar of home-made raspberry jam. This made me way too happy. It is a little jar, however I thought it was so cute that I snatched it and admired it for a minute. I then came to my senses and put the little jar into my Kermit the Frog bag.
There was a good chance for me to put myself out there but I panicked. It was that period where new people can stand up and introduce themselves. I was clearly the only new person. I looked down, than realized that wasn't enough of a commitment. I engrossed myself in my church bulletin.
There was a long punctuated pause.?!.!???(I don't know which punctuation makes it in punctuated pause-wait is that even a real thing?)
You would think by just being me I would be used to that weight that sits on your back when people are just staring at you. Some how on a day to day basis I can ignore it but in the house of the Lord it seemed extra heavy. I powered through and kept reading the bulletin, as if I no interest in the new people.
At the exact moment I broke and started to raise my hand the minister start talking again.
Thank you God.
The service was pretty typical until the very end. The did a renewal of baptism. The minister went around splashing water all over the place. He warned a head of time that some might get on you but that was a good thing. I sat right next to the center aisle, he flicked some high over a bunch of us as I managed to get it right in my eye. He than walked up right be side me and forcefully flicked a bunch of water right into my ear. It was hardly the scattering he did the rest of the time. It seemed almost like he was through baptism water saying, "Don't make a fool of me again, when I give you the chance to stand up and talk about yourself you better darn well do it!"
I hit my opposite ear to knock the water out of my ear and made sure to do everything perfectly through the last bit of service.
At the end of service the old lady brigade immediately came up to talk to me. They always find me. I chatted with them trying to appear interesting and like someone they should talk with more. I also tried to make it as clear as possible that I know no one here and have nothing to do. I have knitting circle date for Feb 2nd. At least it's something.
After meeting so many old ladies that I will never remember any of their names, except for Caroline-she was so close to having a nice name just three letters too long.
After I got done with church I drove down to check out the water plane landing area. In the winter it is used for more than water landings. They use it for racing cars. Yep. Went and watched a car race on a frozen lake. I try to avoid frozen lakes, I think I saw Little Women a few too many times.
It was a nice warm day today- 20 degrees. I don't understand why so many people just sat in their cars to watch the races. I got out and enjoyed it. The race I watched a 17 year old girl named Heather won it. I really enjoyed that. I'll cheer a girl on in anything where you would assume a guy would win, like ice racing. Heather didn't just win but dominated the field. The best part was that on the side of her car it said, "HEATHER" in big letters. There is no more insulting name to men for a girl to have while she whoops their butts... well maybe Tiffany.
I didn't chat with anyone out there but I went on a frozen lake. Baby steps.
IT'll still be a while before I make some friends, but I not going to let that keep me from getting out and about.


  1. *secret smile* said...

    Haha dude you crack me up. I can't believe you didn't stand up though!! I would flick water pointedly into your ear as well....