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Friday, January 30, 2009

Mountain Dew

Today I saw the best Mountain Dew commercial. I didn't see it on TV, I saw it live. They weren't filming a New Mountain Dew commercial up here, but they should have.
To get to my house from town it is necessary to drive slowly on a long and winding road. For my lowland up-bring one part is particularly terrifying. It is a turn that is next to a drop-off, with no guard-rail, and makes a 180 degree turn in a short amount of time.
I follow the instructions the signs give me and go around the turn at a mellow 20 mph. Today as I came up the Mountain and as I approached the turn I saw it. The perfect Mountain Dew Commercial. It forced me to slow down and move over to the right to give it room.
What I saw was a Ford F250 come sliding around the turn. Tokyo Drift style. Going extremely fast. It looked like he was about to slide of the edge. The back end of the truck hanging over the edge. Just as the truck as about to go over the cliff the driver regained control and than shot down the mountain at an accelerated pace. Just as he passed by me he cracked open a Mountain Dew and took a long swig and smiled.
Perfection. I couldn't have come up with a better Mountain Dew Commercial if I had tried.


  1. caitlin said...

    for the record i lol my ass of in my office. that is hilarious, priceless! did you get his plate numbers, you should track him down and ask him if he wants to recreate the moment to satisfy your new video-making addiction.