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Monday, July 21, 2008


I didn't really know what to expect when coming into Helsinki. I made a choice not to know alot about the places I'm going to so I can enjoy learning about them on the journey.
I actually got lucky on the plane ride because the girl in the seat next to me had seen me on her the first flight from Amsterdam to Copenhagen. The flight from Amsterdam to Copenhagen I only said one thing to the American couple sitting next to me which was, "Wow. I'm too tall for this window." Which got a very dirty look from the woman but no other response. The girl on my next flight started chatting with me because she was just coming back from her first trip to Amsterdam which she loved. Her friend lives there as a squatter... a Kraker in Dutch...It's a whole culture and I don't have time to explain it right now.
She was what I would find out a typical Finland youth. She has black hair, dressed all in black, and the most stunning blue eyes I have ever seen up close. She was funny and was explaining her country to me. How they feel forgotten by the other Scandinavian countries. And they think Norway is too expensive and Sweden is gay(sorry widmans). And when ever she insulted her own country she would stick her middle finger up her nose... I don't know why but that feels like something that should be mentioned.
At the end of the flight I could barely talk as I watched us flying over a vast forest of pine trees and a scattering of islands. I had hoped to bike from the airport to the town but quickly realized that wasn't going to happen.
After several different attempts to get on a bus I finally was shown to the only one that would take my bike. I was dropped off at the city center and set out looking for a hotel room. All of them were booked. Well, one wasn't booked but it was a bit pricey so I told them I would come back if I couldn't find anything else. After walking(yes, walking the Scandinavian air people DESTROYED my tires) my bike around for for about 2 hours and finding every hotel booked because of a big metal rock concert I reluctantly asked for a single room. The room was pimp. It was actually so nice and I had spent so much money on it that I spent a lot more time than I usually do lounging around in my room.
Also, because it cost so much I decided to use the sauna upstairs... I mean when in Finland..right? I didn't have a bathing suit and I'm not a fan of having my bare butt against something that someone elses bare butt was on... unless it is a public toilet than I'm totally fine with it... I have a logic disconnect don't I? I did go topless though. Which for my Purtain American roots was big for me. No one was in there but someone could have come I'm still counting it as me being brave. Apparently after going topless in a heated room I lose my mind because I ended up walking out to the balcony and enjoying the view totally topless.... I should mention the balcony is on a busy road. How European of me.
I spent a lot of time trying to get my tires fixed and finally got a guy at the sport store next to my hotel... good thing I walked around for three hours first. I also went to a flea market where I bought my only souviner from Finland. a pin of the president of Finland... she looks like Conan O'Brien. People liked my pin. I had fun enjoying the view and wandering around the town. I also sampled many popsiscles and took notes on which ones were good(that's a note for Shawn who saw up close for two weeks my love affair with Popsiscles) I'll tell ya right now I give ÄSSÄ Mix a thumbs down! It had black licorice in the middle. yuck! Note for Dutch People:You'd love it
Oh, Finland... I'll have to come back again and give you a proper amount of time.


  1. *secret smile* said...

    Haha you and your freakin' popsicles! I loved how the morning you drove me to the airport, even though it was 6am, you still wanted a popiscle, haha. One of these days you will become one! (Yes I realize mostly only 80 year old women say stuff like that, but it seems appropriate at this time).