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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So, Psycho... that's a scary movie

When I rolled out of Tallinn I was on a freeway. I don't know whether biking along a freeway is illegal or not but two separate cop cars saw me doing it and did nothing to stop me. Actually it was really nice when it was freeway. It had a huge smoothly paved shoulder to ride along. After a while this gave way to a regular two lane highway which included a mediocre shoulder which I didn't even bother to try and stay on when semis went whizzing past. It really started to slow me down. I had looked on a map and there was a little symbol for camping in Kernu. It became my chant KERNU KEEEEEEERNUUUUUUU KERNU when I grew progressively more tired. WHERE I GOT MAKE IT TO? Kernu!
Kernu sits about 40 kms outside of Tallinn and I got there around 5. I realize now I could have probably cycled on another 20kms but I was tired and didn't want to risk having no where to sleep.
I rode in where the owner of the campsite quickly greeted me and told they had little cabins with beds for 400K and campsites for tents were 200. I'm still getting used to the money and dragging around a tent so I opt for the cheaper of the two. When I went to set up my tent I realized what an idiot I am. Sure I remembered the tent, sleeping bag, and the mattress pad. However, I forgot the poles and the pins for the tent. I came back to the entrance and told the woman I would actually really enjoy the cabin. Just some how had a change of heart on the whole tent thing.
I rode the three kms in to town and got some food and came back and hydrated, I was in desperate need for water. I wandered around and found the camp to be quite pretty, but more than a little unnerving. why was it so run down for such a pretty location? Why was there a huge puddle of vomit on my porch? Why am I the only guest here? Seriously why is no one else here in the middle of no where?
There is a reason I stopped watching the movie Psycho despite being one of the greatest movie of all time. It made me really scared of little motels by the road in the middle of no where.
I had to do some stretches and went out to the picnic tables to read. In general I kept myself very busy. I kept hoping with each passing car someone would turn in and stay the night too. One guy actually did turn in looked around and decided to take off. All I could think is that I'm on a bike how far could I even go?
I didn't sleep much, despite the fact that nothing ended up happening. It was the idea that if this was a page out of a Hitchcock movie- I'm in Kernu Estonia- Who would even know to look for me?
So, ya... no more Hitchcock movies for me. They make me too paranoid of lil things...ya know... like really creepily quit campsites in the middle of no where Estonia. The usual...


  1. *secret smile* said...

    Its possible that I rubbed off a little of my idiocy on your during my visit, because I would totally do something like forget tent poles on a camping trip. Cheers.