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Thursday, July 31, 2008

soul is nearly faded as my jeans...

The bike totally broke down the next afternoon. Fortunately I had gotten some lunch before hand or I would ha ve been really cranky. as it was when I heard/felt the back tire go I jumped off and kicked the bike to the ground.
I tried to repair it but knew my efforts would be fruitless.
Last time I thought Iwas in the middle of no where but this time was worse. I was 30kms either direction from anything of note. I thought maybe I could hitchhike. There was a detour on this road so lots of cars were going by. People even had pick-up trucks. Surely we could throw it in the back of a pick-up. No one was really picking me up. I decided walk and continue to try and get picked up on the way. Lots of cars could have picked me up they just decided not to. Two seperate cars with NL plates and bikes racks with space on them drove by. I have never been so disappointed in the Dutch and made every effort to use my most colorful Dutch curses as they passed me by.

I ended up walking the 30kms to the nearest city. When I got about 5 kms from my final destination my feet were killing me. I had a huge amount of blisters. I decided I wouldn't make it if I didn't have a couple of drinks. I bought some Zip freezers and sat in a gas station parking lot chug-a-lugging. I could still feel my feet, and my rashy legs, arms ,and butt.... but I couldn't fel my face or my sun burnt lips so I bought one for the road and one as a reward for myself for when I got to the hotel.
I decided I needed some photos for you the readers. This became very important to me and this one of me drinking a zip freezer in some cotton plants might be my favorite picture of the trip. I thought it was so beautiful and gave the cows watching me some attitude as I took it. I know you weren't there but I hope this photo makes you feel apart of the adventure.


  1. Anonymous said...

    this is too funny...don't let your soul fade just improvise like i know you know best! <3 cait

  2. Anonymous said...

    that is a great pic...I love your facial expression ~Rachael

  3. becky said...

    great photo!