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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

water Aerobics in the sea

After Kernu I powered through 110kms and wound up in Pärnu. Since I was able to make what I thought would take me two days in one I gave myself a break. Yes, after a day and half of cycling I deserved a full day break. Also, I had a sunburn that left me the color of my map. I swear I couldn't feel it so I didn't even know my sunscreen had watched off in the three thunderstorms I road through. Pärnu is a town on the Baltic sea.
Since I have bad knees and a bad back, neither of which is helped by cycling all day, I decided the best way to relax them was to go in the sea.
Today I spent the day going in and out of the sea. The wind was brutal so the beach was nearly empty. And every single time I re-entered it was cold. I decided to do some water aerobics. It is actually really difficult when you have a extremely strong under current mixed with huge white caps. I would run towards the waves, with the waves, sideways, diagonal...none of it went too smoothly there is a reason old people do it in a pool.
I can only hope my futile attempt at water aerobics loosened me up enough for the long ride I have tomorrow. If the wind is anything like it was today..all I can say is it'll be a really long day.
The Baltic Sea!